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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:


Chernobyl Was Not An Accident?

"The reactor was consciously driven into an extremely dangerous situation, a situation known for its dangers, and then on top of it all the complete security mechanisms were put out of operation - allegedly for the purpose of carrying through this experiment, even if the report additionally professes that at least some of these switchoffs were not at all necessary for this experiment. Under such conditions, according also to the knowledge of that time, one could not but know that one exposed the reactor to a dangerous situation, proceeding from which unknown big catastrophes became probable."

Version of accident

In October - November, 1989 various aspects of Chernobyl accident have been discussed in details at the First Meeting of International Working Group on heavy accidents and their consequences (Dagomys, USSR). The reason of accident had been unanimously recognized ' "the reactor instability caused by defects of a reactor design, and mode of its operation".