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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:


Near the cradles of Pripyat history

Chronicles mention the locality of Strezhev as Chernobyl as far back as 1193: “Prince Rostislav of Vyshgorod and Turov, son of the great Kiev prince Rurik (who reigned from 1180 to 1195), was bound with his take from Chernobyl to Troicisky.”

Cross-country race in the Red Forest: Pripyat teenagers and the catastrophe

I remember this Saturday, 26 April 1986, very vividly. I was 16 then, a first-year student of the city’s professional school (SPTU). Early in the morning our parents took the train to Vilcha, 45 km far from Pripyat. My sister and I left the flat for out schools.

Pripyat: Short Introduction

The town of Pripyat belongs to the Kievan district (Kievskaya oblast) of Ukraine. It is situated on the right bank of the Pripyat, which flows into the Dnieper.

A Voice from Dead Pripyat

I first met Lyubov Sirota late in January 1988 in Kiev, in an area of the city called Troeshchino where, in November of 1986, there settled a group of people evacuated from Pripyat, the satellite city of the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

Pripyat: The city where time stands still

PRIPYAT, Ukraine (CNN) -- The dead city of Pripyat is one lasting legacy of Chernobyl that will forever be a symbol of the world's worst civilian nuclear disaster.

Pripyat Ukraine, Pripyat River, Pripyat...

Ukrainian Prypyat (При́п'ять), Russian Pripyat (При́пять), abandoned city located in the north of Ukraine, near the Belarus border. Outside the city is the Chernobyl nuclear power station, site of the worst nuclear reactor accident in history. See Chernobyl accident.

The Chernobyl Poems of Lyubov Sirota

During the ten years that I worked on my book, Nuclear Holocausts: Atomic War in Fiction, 1895-1984, I corresponded and spoke with experts from all over the world, and even traveled to the Soviet Union.