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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:


"Pripyat. White Sky" - a movie by Igor Lishilenko

We have already presented to you the movie "Pripyat. Other Life." After its release, as often happens, there were shots that were not included in the film, but worthy to be presented to the audience.

So there is a "White Sky" movie - a kind of epilogue to the "Other Life".

"The houses remained the same, but sky has lost its color ..."

Pripyat side yards

   They are attracted by its silence and frighten their deserts. They are both dark and aesthetic. It is here, as nowhere else, there is an extraordinary atmosphere of abandonment, which, instead of repelling visually attracts more attention, causing the already huge interest in this unique place. Forever left a man, lonely and deserted neighborhood in the city of Pripyat.


Pripyat. Four Seasons

   Chernobyl Exclusion Zone visitors often discuss among themselves on the most optimal season to visit Pripyat. Some people like to come exclusively during "the golden autumn" to contemplate the stunning yellow leaf cover in the city. Some prefer to come in the summer and in the beginning of September because they need weather comfort. Many people visit Pripyat spring when the foliage has not yet started a merciless attack on the city. Everyone in this matter has its own preferences and tastes. Personally, I believe that Pripyat is beautiful in all seasons. There is absolutely dominant seasons, which will be clearly superior to all others. Each season has its own characteristics and uniqueness, which is not peculiar to any other seasonal time. Anyone interested in the city and in the whole Zone would have, in my opinion, to visit Pripyat in all seasons. It seems that you come to the same city, where there are so familiar buildings, but every time Pripyat with different... As if you come to the city for the first time! And still, despite repeated visits, keep discovering something new and unknown before. To understand the uniqueness of the landscape aesthetics of Pripyat, you must to see how the city looked like during the four seasons - winter, spring, summer and autumn.

   So, first things first...

November. Pripyat sunset.

   November is the excellent time to visit Pripyat. At this time is not cold, the foliage finally left the trees, the snow and frost is still far. Desert Zone and the invisible breath of the abandoned territory of most acute just at this time. Post-apocalyptic aura and abandonment literally absorb a man in this place. It is my deep conviction that any person interested in the Zone, at least once in their life should go to Pripyat in early November. It was at this time, offering great views of the city abandoned, which can not always be seen in a different time of year.

John Jellison, Cass Morgan, et al. Set for Weston Playhouse Dogs of Pripyat Concert

Jaclyn Huberman, John Jellison, Cass Morgan, Ben Roseberry, and Dan Sharkey will star in a free concert of the new musical, The Dogs of Pripyat, featuring music by Aron Accurso and lyrics by Jill Abramovitz.

Yevgen (KRANZ) Goncharenko: Pripyat. Winter Fairy Tales.

About two years ago Sasha Sirota, the permanent head of public organization and the site pripyat.com, made up his mind to make photographs of the abandoned apartments in Pripyat, at the desire of their former owners.

Darina Pustovaya: The right to life

Pripyat school № 1, 3-B class. High bivalves door, painted white. Wooden desks with benches, attached tables to learn small schoolchildren the correct posture and the distance between the lid and sitting table respected in the millimeter.

Pripyat in Numbers

Brief statisics upon city of Pripyat before the disaster

Remembrances of a boy Vanya Pripyatskiy

Native, my dear, full of friends town Vishgorod disappeared from the back window’s view of “Pazik”. I grieved for it so long time. Till Pripyat forced it out of my heart. I wanted to cry, tears were as a lump in my throat. There, in Vishgorod my six year old life was left. We went long; a bus was full of things gained by parents while knocking about building power plants of USSR It was my first move.

Wanna some radioactive batteries?

Planned trip of Internet project PRIPYAT.com to the Zone on 23rd of December turned into not established research operation. As it turned out, the wave of marauding in Chernobyl Zone is blazing up again.The ‘ablution’ of Pripyat town is going by plan.