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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:


Uncle Vitya

Uncle Vitya lived at the second floor, right over us in 3-room apartment.

In a New Country, Coming to Terms With Losses Old and New

Most people associate Chernobyl with the devastating accident that took place at a nuclear power plant there in April 1986. Maria Kolesnichenko, now 16, has a more personal connection.

Chernobyl's disastrous legacy on display

She called the series of black-and-white photographs a sort of "grim annual report," perfunctorily compiled by a former Soviet general.

Chernobyl voices: Anatoly Rasskazov

As Ukraine marks the 20th anniversary of the completion of the sarcophagus encasing the ruined reactor at Chernobyl, we publish the story of the first man to photograph the wreckage - on 26 April 1986, the morning after the disaster.