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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:


Chornobyl threatens Ukraine with another danger

This time it will be polluted water for the next 300 years and radioactive clouds that will remain in the atmosphere up to the middle of this century. This tragic forecast was given by experts of the estrangement zone around the Cornobyl NPP as "5" tv channel informed.

UNCA test may help Chernobyl workers

ASHEVILLE — Two UNC Asheville scientists are helping to safeguard the health of workers resealing the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl while providing clues to the long-range effects of radiation on humans.

Katherine Whatley, interim vice chancellor of academic affairs and a nuclear physicist, and John Stevens, a chemistry professor and director of the National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center, are involved in an effort to bring medical samples from Chernobyl workers to North Carolina.

Property of ‘Assistance to Children of Chernobyl’ association has been seized

Custom’s officers ruined the major sponsor of the Gomel region. They penalized the leading charity organization to the amount of Br 330 million. In addition, 100 million rubles will be charged for utilization of the perished products, which had not reached the zone through the fault of the Custom’s officers. They perished at the warehouses, which had been rented for 50 million rubles.

How to make pictures in Chernobyl

Shooting in Chernobyl: Digital Imaging and Kingston Memory Cards Reveal New Vision for Gerd Ludwig's Return to Chernobyl.

Bridgwater rallies to support Chernobyl children

Children from Belarus show their delight at going on holiday with the Chernobyl Children's Lifeline.

Chernobyl kids ready to return

A CHARITY is gearing up to bring children from the nuclear fields of Belarus to the green fields of Selby district. For more than ten years, the Chernobyl Children's Project has been working to improve the lot of youngsters brought up in the shadow of the 1986 nuclear disaster in the Ukraine.

Uncle Vitya

Uncle Vitya lived at the second floor, right over us in 3-room apartment.

Remembrances of a boy Vanya Pripyatskiy

Native, my dear, full of friends town Vishgorod disappeared from the back window’s view of “Pazik”. I grieved for it so long time. Till Pripyat forced it out of my heart. I wanted to cry, tears were as a lump in my throat. There, in Vishgorod my six year old life was left. We went long; a bus was full of things gained by parents while knocking about building power plants of USSR It was my first move.

In a New Country, Coming to Terms With Losses Old and New

Most people associate Chernobyl with the devastating accident that took place at a nuclear power plant there in April 1986. Maria Kolesnichenko, now 16, has a more personal connection.

Ukraine is in the list of world’s worst polluted places

Ukraine is one of ten countries of the world with the most difficult ecological situation, according to the American non-governmental organization Blacksmith Institute.