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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:


During Soviet times, for security reasons there was no public accurate maps of the town of Pripyat, because of its proximity to the nuclear-dangerous enterprise — Chernobyl NPP.

Based on a number of sources and field research we have created detailed maps of cities showing almost all objects.

We invite everyone to work on refinements and additions. Forum discussion


Windows-version of the map of Pripyat

The maps of objects within Chernobyl Zone with descriptions and photographs. Unpack the archive to a directory that does not contain Cyrillic characters in the path, and run the executable file.

Map of Pripyat (72 Mb)Map of Chernobyl-2 (8,4 Mb)

PDA-version of the map of Pripyat

The map of Pripyat with descriptions and photographs of objects for the Windows Mobile PDA. Download the cab-file to the device and start installation. Archive photos to download in addition, unzip them on your PDA and connect to the program settings.

Download application (500 Mb)Download photos (99 Mb)

GPS-map of Pripyat and ChNPP for the OziExplorer.

Based on satellite shots by GoogleMaps.

Maps of Pripyat and ChNPP(61 Mб) Coords adjusting file

GPS-map of PSRER

GPS-map of Polissyan State Radiological Ecology Reservation — a right bank of the Pripyat river — for OziExplorer. Based on satellite shots by GoogleMaps with partially added vector maps of Belarus.

Map of PSRER (50 Mb) Coords adjusting file