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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

Remembrances of a boy Vanya Pripyatskiy

Native, my dear, full of friends town Vishgorod disappeared from the back window’s view of “Pazik”. I grieved for it so long time. Till Pripyat forced it out of my heart. I wanted to cry, tears were as a lump in my throat. There, in Vishgorod my six year old life was left. We went long; a bus was full of things gained by parents while knocking about building power plants of USSR It was my first move.

I don’t remember how we were going, how we arrived, what we did. I just remember that parents were talking loudly, but in a whisper all the night and I couldn’t sleep trying to understand what they were talking about…It was dark…we were sleeping on the floor, surrounded by the unsorted stuff.

In the morning, me – in traditional hare cap with ear-flaps, off-size coat, scarf that closes mouth in order not to get a cold, runs under beaver lamb collar and tied in a bungle behind. I am standing on the porch of the house, which will become later the house number 6 on the Lenin Street. I am standing horrified. A field, snow-covered field, there is my future house behind, and now it is just a hateful concrete box. On the right hand there is more hateful box-house, very long and disgusting. Later on it will be a house at the Druzhbi Narodov Street. In front a small village could be seen (later I get to know that it is Semihody).

On the left hand there are two big trees; behind them was a forest - big, huge forest. One more such tree was before Semihody.

Later I get to know that those trees are wild pear-trees which will become native for me. Later they will grow not in a field, but in a town. Two of them will be in kindergartens of the second micro district, and third tree – near the ‘”Prometheus” cinema. Later those fruits will lead to the soreness of my mouth. And exactly those pears it will be interesting to throw to the visitors of the cinema from 17th row…

All this will be later. And now I feel only emptiness, cold and loneliness. ..I have never felt such a cold like this before. This day when I saw my beloved town for the first time, the town of my FUTURE CHILDHOOD, town of my first Love, I didn’t feel anything except cold; it was so cold that day…

Vanya Pripyatskiy

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