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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

Literature and Art

The book by Lyubov Sirota "Pripyat syndrome" has been fully translated into English.


Dear friends! Thanks to the selfless help of our friends in the UK and the USA, the book by Lyubov Sirota "Pripyat syndrome" has been fully translated into English. Although some money for its publication has already found, but we still do not have sufficient funds to cover the cost of printing an entire first edition.

Our disco

Actually, we are not talking only about the music of 80's, because the music which spun on our disco varies widely, ranging from The Beatles and Rock Around Clock, yes, and it all started a little earlier, in the seventies ...

In front of me is complimentary ticket, which reads:

Poem of the Week! Ukritye

The final one in our sequence from October Poet Mario Petrucci. I've found them terrifyingly topical, what with the resurgence of the nuclear power debate and the controversy over nuclear weapons. Makes you want to go out and join the CND. UKRITYE Ukritye ('The Shelter') is the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl complex.

John Jellison, Cass Morgan, et al. Set for Weston Playhouse Dogs of Pripyat Concert

Jaclyn Huberman, John Jellison, Cass Morgan, Ben Roseberry, and Dan Sharkey will star in a free concert of the new musical, The Dogs of Pripyat, featuring music by Aron Accurso and lyrics by Jill Abramovitz.

A Voice from Dead Pripyat

I first met Lyubov Sirota late in January 1988 in Kiev, in an area of the city called Troeshchino where, in November of 1986, there settled a group of people evacuated from Pripyat, the satellite city of the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

The Chernobyl Poems of Lyubov Sirota

During the ten years that I worked on my book, Nuclear Holocausts: Atomic War in Fiction, 1895-1984, I corresponded and spoke with experts from all over the world, and even traveled to the Soviet Union.