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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:


http://www.ic-chernobyl.kiev.ua State Department — Administarion of the Zone of Exclusion
http://www.mns.gov.ua Emergency Ministry of Ukraine
http://www.cenef.kiev.ua State committee for energy saving of Ukraine
http://www.kmu.gov.ua Goverment of Ukraine
http://www.rada.kiev.ua Parliament of Ukraine
http://www.health.gov.ua The Ministry of Health of Ukraine
http://www.souzchernobyl.ru "Chernobyl" union of Russia
http://www.souzchernobyl.com/ru/ "Chernobyl" union of Ukraine
http://www.chernobil.ru/ Regional charity organization of Chernobyl invalids "The curtain of Chernobyl"
http://www.child.ukrpack.net "Kvity maybutnogo" Children of Chernobyl — for survival. Social protection of disabled children, half orphans, children from large families and low-income families affected by the Chernobyl accident.
http://www.chornobyl.net/ru Chornobyl Center for Nuclear Safety, Radioactive Waste and Radioecology
http://www.memento.lviv.uaSite of the charitable organization "Memento Chernobyl": projects, information and exhibitions.
http://www.nsrl.ttu.edu/chernobyl/ The project "Chernobyl". The site is dedicated to the Chernobyl disaster..
http://www.technocentre.com.ua/ State Specialized Enterprise "Centre of processing and disposal of industrial waste "TECHNOCENTER"
http://www.technocentre.com.ua/html/p7-r.htm "Vector" — a complex of facilities for decontamination, transportation, processing and disposal of radioactive waste from areas contaminated by Chernobyl accident.
http://www.ic-chernobyl.kiev.ua/ekocentr.html State Specialized Enterprise "Chernobyl Radioecological Center Ecocenter"
http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/russian/news/newsid_4937000/4937306.stm BBC. Page devoted to the twentieth anniversary of Chernobyl disaster.
http://jjg.com.ua The site dedicated to a military town "Chernobyl-2".
http://www.chornobyl.in.ua/ The site about the Chernobyl exclusion zone.