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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

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Pripyat in Numbers


Total: 49,400

Children: 15,406
Schoolboys: 7,176
Women: 16,562

Living-Space Area:

Total: 658,700 sq. meters
Houses: 160
Apartments: 13,414
Hostels for Bachelors: 18 buildings with 7621 apartments
Family Hostels: 8
Hotel Rooms: 1,206
Note. 9 apartment houses (324 apartments) are occupied under the hostels for bachelors


Children's pre-school establishments: 15 buildings for 4980 students
Average general education schools: 5 buildings for 6786 students
SPTU - 8 on 600 students

Public Health:

Medical-sanitation section № 126 to 410 cots
1750 visits in three polyclinics


Stores: 25 with 9239 square meters commercial space
Dining Establishments: 27 dining rooms, cafe, restaurants with 5535 total seats
Store and depository - 10 units on 4213 square it is meter
Warehouse accommodations for 4430 tons


3 units of the cultural institutions:
the palace of culture (DK Energetik)
cinema with 1220 seats
the school of skills with 8 rooms for the circle work, with a general capacity of 312 students


10 halls of sport
3 ponds for the fishing
10 rifle shooting ranges
2 stadiums


1 park
35 children's play areas
18,136 trees
249,247 bushes
33,000 bushes of roses


4 enterprises with a total volume of the production of 477 million rubles


6 primary construction-assembly organizations, which carry out the volume of construction-assembly works to 132,3 million rubles


Railway station Yanov and 3 transport enterprises: motor transport enterprise № 31015, TPO of the administration for building, the motor transport combine of Chernobyl AES with the total number of transport units 533, including 167 buses


Urban communication center with 2926 telephone numbers
Furthermore - 1950 numbers of the departmental stations ATS of the administration for building, Chernobyl AES, plant "Jupiter"

Water Supply:

28 artesian wells with the daily output of 15 thousand cubic meters of water in a 24 hour period
Of them 8,050 to the city (176 liters (with the standard to 1 inhabitants of 250 liters in a 24 hour period))

Power Supply:

During the day - 121 thousand kilowatts an hour, including to the industrial zone - 29 thousand kilowatts an hour.

Daily Consumptions:

Food items in accordance with the earmarked funds:
bread - 10,0 tons
milk and dairy products - 28,0 tons
meat - 7,0 tons

Alexandr Esaulov


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