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Villages of the Zone

   It is no secret that in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is really a lot of interesting places to visit. Especially because , since this year to the popular places famous "Douga" and the military town of Chernobyl-2 was added. However, among all objects of the Zone there are places that are kept apart from the rest. Here the atmosphere, which includes a symbiosis of abandonment and invisible human presence and Polessye nature coloring. Here, as nowhere else, it turns tragedy imbued with people who, because of circumstances were forced to flee their homes. Such mysterious and unique, colorful and unusual village of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

   If, for example, in Pripyat immediately after the accident, property and furniture of inhabitants in homes was a subject to recycling of destruction, many items in villages left locals in their homes, and left lying there since 1986. Perhaps it is why villages of the Exclusion Zone so attractive. This is an extraordinary museum of the Soviet countryside, located in ruins. Besides this unique nature of things here, which only adds to the overall picture of color perception from trips to the Chernobyl Zone. This material offered villages of the Zone photos taken during trips this year. I made me photos in the villages Zalesye, Kopachi, Ilintsy, Jampol.

    House in the village Zalesye, April 2013.

   Local shop. As well as most of the houses in Zalesye this building strongly overgrown.

   Local Culture Palace.

   Houses are destroyed, overgrown terrain, iron rusts, but Soviet propaganda slogans ("Long live communism - the great future of mankind") are true to their ideals and are not going to change its appearance .

   The school of Ilintsy village.

   School corridor.

   " Stalker" artifact in the school. Unlike every school in Pripyat, these items are practically not seen in villages.

   Soldier boots. I wonder what can make boots in a village school?

   School gym. Compared with school gyms in Pripyat this one looks very good.

   April floods in the village Jampol. In mid-March, Ukraine literally covered abnormal snowfalls. April sun ruthlessly snow. The result is that the surrounding area was flooded , and Zone rivers was overflowed.

   This beauty opened to our eyes because of the sun and snowmelt waters.

   Waterlogged Jampol houses.

   Jampol village in late August.

    "Country News" newspaper for April 25, 1986. A little less than a day before the Chernobyl accident...

   Vodka "Pshenichnaya" ("Wheat")

   Kindergarten in the village Kopachi, January 2013.

   A doll. Probably one of the key attributes of kindergarten. As, however, and the habits of many photographers do staged shots with dolls in the frame, symbolizing thus the horror of the Chernobyl tragedy.

   Most sinister doll that I came across in all six trips to the Zone.

   Ilintsy village.

   Such is the motorcycle is in one of the houses.

   Photos like silent witnesses.

   Zone Map in Ilintsi .

   Soviet records. "Melody."

   Here is really quiet and peaceful.

Aleksander Postalovskiy


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