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The military town of Chernobyl-2 and "Douga"

   Generally when talking about Chernobyl -2, as a rule, by this place understand the horizon radar "Douga" ("the Arc" in English), Indeed, "Douga" is a hateful hallmark of Chernobyl-2, which sets it apart from all the facilities of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (CEZ). The scale of construction, antenna height , a monument to the Soviet military force, the certificate of one of the most uncompromising of geopolitical confrontation between the superpowers. Ch-2 has always attracted the attention of these antennas can be seen in the CEZ  from anywhere. For a long time the object was closed to the public, but since October 2013 it may be visited by everyone. However, the Chernobyl-2, contrary to popular belief, it is not only "Duga", but also the territory of the former military unit with a small town where officers lived. A recent trip to CEZ allowed to collect a small photographic material on this site.

  Сheckpoint of the military unit. Standard gate with stars.

  "Show your pass to the unfolded state!" Everything is strictly - there is no exception.

  On the territory of the town is dominated by two-storey house.

  "Douga". Absolutely beautiful and delicious with almost any angle.

  Checkpoint of the distance communication radio center.

   Taking photos of the plates is a longtime mainstream even before the subject became massively let visitors.

   Checkpoint entry.

   Foot of "Douga".

   Intricacies of metal structures. In general, the object is very difficult to photograph because of its scale and scope of the fully "Douda" never enters the lens. "Well, except that a 2-mm", - joked the photographer of "Chernobylzone" Katerina Pyrozhkova.

 The territory of the town overgrown very much. Visually, even stronger than Pripyat. In summer it just did not go through.

   Red Star - the attribute of the Soviet past.

   Overgrown residential sector Chernobyl-2.

   The architecture of the house is almost one to one similar to the houses in the Czech Milovice. Looking at this picture, just remember the film "Chernobyl Diaries", which was filmed in Milovice. In fact, similar landscapes.

  All the houses in the residential sector are  four floor. In the school building we are not there yet, but looked into the apartment houses.

  Inside the apartment situation is not much different from the flats of Pripyat.

   However, here the apartment, in my opinion, is more empty than in Pripyat.

  The higher you go, the "richer" look flats. Are "Looters" so lazy? :)

  On the four floor in one apartment we met this gas-stove.

   Even the chandelier preserved.

  Glove of 1986. The only artifact of personal belongings landlords.

   An entrance.

   Playground for childrens.

   Such are the improvised swing.

   View of the "Douga" of the playground.

   Dining room of the distance communication radio center. Transfer .

  The remains of the Soviet visual propaganda.

   View of the "Douga" of the parade ground .

   Military unit parade ground.

     During the next visit to the Chernobyl-2, the main purpose of the visit will be the school. In addition to the "Douga" residential sector Chernobyl -2 is an interesting object. Photos from there a little bit, so I encourage anyone interested to visit this place.

Alexander Postalovskiy


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