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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

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Chernobyl-2. Return.

   Chernobyl-2 is one of the most attractive, but at the same time, seldom visited sites of the Zone. Lying away from the traditional routes, it is still under protection and getting to it for an "ordinary man" is incredibly difficult.
   The appeal of Chernobyl-2 is explained within its territory giant antennas of the over-the-horizon radar "Duga-1."
     But not all happen to dream of being in the Chernobyl-2 and then to assess the extent of Soviet military power. Chernobyl-2 - this is a small town in which military and their families lived.
   Pripyat.com Forum participant Cyril (Комбат, i.e. Combat in english), who left Chernobyl-2 town in 1985, many years after visited their home.
   His small report will look at the Chernobyl-2 a very different view.

    "... I will try to tell you about our life in those years.

   This photo was made from the school side in which I studied. We see four residential buildings and a dormitory. In the hostel civilian experts lived. The ground floor has a library (then it was transferred to the club), a music school (I even spent a year). Also you can see a tower, which I once climbed – to impress our girls ... Boys climbed on the roofs of houses, covered with tar paper. Sometimes we pick out small tiles from the walls. And in army when I was wound on garrisons, I often saw the same house like mine, and my heart ached, just saw images of my childhood.

   All is overgrown! The most left the building - it is a school, the Chernobyl school number 3. Detached house is my house, number 5. When I arrived to the town, it was built, and then my parents and I lived there. There are a kindergarten between my home and school. The soldiers built a posh playground. My sister went to this kindergarten.

   1985. A literature classroom.

   28 years later... Pay attention to the pictures on the lockers.. 

   1985. A biology classroom.


   Friends. I do not remember the year.

   2013, the same place.

   My sister.

   And the same place 28 years later.

   In this house I lived before the accident. This photo was sent to me in 2005.

   And what I saw in 2013.

   My porch.

   My apartment. Hence, I left in 1985 to go the Odessa School of Artillery (which also is not), then I was in Soviet army in Germany (two years ago went to the city where I was – there is also nothing but a barracks), but that's other story...

   Look at the tower and attics in kindergarten.

   So this place looks now.

   Also I brought a little wreath that I laid at the monument to firefighters. With a small flag of my country and a St. Georgy ribbon.

   And here too.

   Goodbye, my Chernobyl-2. I guess I’ll come here nevermore…"

Cyril (Комбат) for forum.pripyat.com. Photos from the author's archive


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