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Uncle Vitya

Uncle Vitya lived at the second floor, right over us in 3-room apartment.

I saw him often, especially in summer, when didn’t go to school. Or not in summer, when played truant and was trespassing in the yard. I saw him in the morning when parents went to work and sent me for a walk for the whole day (it concerns that time when children went to school alone and could play in the yard till the time when parents returned from work). I saw him also in dinner time and in the evening, he came from work late. He went to his work by car. That time it was white Volga with deer in front. His driver, waiting for him, was sitting on the bench and smoking. He had a tattoo on the right hand, maybe on the left. It was sun, like a sunset over the sea. He let me sit by the wheel some times, that is why I had respect for him.
Uncle Vitya. Ran out of the doorway, wearing in a civilized manner with a magazine or something else also Smart at hand. He asked all the time:
- Why aren’t you at school…?
And putting his hand on my head, shake it like wanted to put my brains in Order…
- You have to study…
I answered all the time – Well. I study back shift.
(That time it was lack of schools and pupils study in two shifts. I was lucky and didn’t get into back shift for ten years).
Uncle Vitya had black springs instead of hair. It seemed that if to throw something there, it would be nothing. Springs would save him. He also looked somewhere there. I didn’t see anything.
He always told my parents about music school, then about some section. And parents brought me there immediately to make a Human from me.
Once in the morning:
My sister, an excellent pupil, went with her bags to school. I could help her, but after she had given all my carbide I had prepared for bombs to mom I didn’t want. She was rewarded with a trip on a motor ship on Dnepr from Kiev to Kherson and even back.
After saying good bye to sister I already wanted to go to “Kolosok”. It is a shop, when one could find Money near counters or to call. The phone was hanging in the corner, without two kopecks. One could also listen to a woman with iron voice. She could tell how much time you have left and how to call to police, to emergency and fire prevention and then repeat it all again.
And here uncle Vitya:
-Why aren’t you at school?
And I, first time:
- We have vacations now…
Uncle Viktor:
- Do you want to go to the sea?
- Nope….Parents will take me to grandmother….
-Do you want to the ship?

In half an hour I was at mother’s work, at building site. She was standing in front of Uncle Vitya almost straighten up talking often yes, yes, agreeing with my going to trip.
I didn’t pack my stuff. Anyway there was nothing to pack.
Bus with all excellent pupils from Pripyat we caught up behind Ivankovo. We were in white Volga with deer in front. My sister and all others were bursting with envy when Uncle’s Vitya driver told all that I was the youngest and the main traveler and asked them to take care of me and not offend me.

-We were traveling together will all A-pupils from Kiev region on the motor ship with screw wheels “Alexander Sergeevich Puschkin”. Three-storied. At the promenade deck were all conveniences, very beautiful. I was in the best cabin. Of course it was a little bit boring with A-pupils, but very useful. Some of them were really strange, very strange, but I made friends almost with all of them.

- As it turned out later, I was there instead of Lilya, daughter of Uncle Vitya, also excellent pupil.
Uncle Vitya was first grown up man in my life who thought of me much, who told me how was that important to Study, who with the help of my parents sent me to music school, even if it was only for three days, who sent me to sport school, and was going in for sports for years.
Then Uncle Vitya moved to another house, and I almost have never seen him since that time.
I bless him, Bruhanov Viktor Petrovich, who easy and insensibly gave me those things that are helpful till now.
Very often I was in the house of Viktor Petrovich. It was very educated family. Grandmother cooked tasty mushroom soup. Oleg, Viktor’s Petrovich son had such toys that one couldn’t even imagine that time. And his daughter Lilya played the piano very beautiful.

- His wife, Aunt Valya gave me a lot of interesting books for reading, and after was interested what I liked and what not.
Once his neighbor from sixth entrance knocked Viktor’s Petrovich son down on his Jiguli. There was a court session. Viktor Petrovich, as far as I remember, did all to make sentence light (parents told so). And I know for sure that he sent parcels to that man to jail.
The sentence from 2nd of July 1987 passed on the executive of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the name of Vladimir Illych Lenin – Bruhanov V.P. was personal tragedy for me.
I am mot going to investigate who was guilty. But Uncle Viktor played great and invaluable role in my life. For me he is the Kindest- the most Strict man from my childhood.



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