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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

Yevgen (KRANZ) Goncharenko: Pripyat. Winter Fairy Tales.

About two years ago Sasha Sirota, the permanent head of public organization and the site pripyat.com, made up his mind to make photographs of the abandoned apartments in Pripyat, at the desire of their former owners. Pripayters have approved the idea and... In some weeks they have filled up a forum of above-mentioned site with the demands. And as the amount of the demands icreased day by day, and possibilities to accomplish it within the limits of planned trips ever less, it has been decided to arrange "the massed apartments photo-landing" to Pripyat, and also, whenever possible, to eliminate blanks in an address book and in an interactive map of the city.

"Troops landed" staff (from pripyat.com): Sasha (planca) Sirota, Anya (Alpha) Gorelysheva, Ivan (Ulis) Tsepaev, Yevgen (KRANZ) Goncharenko.

Denis (Yangwy) Vishnevsky - the Ecocenter, Jura (tatarchuk) Tatarchuk - Chernobyl Inter Inform. .  

Frosty sunny morning January 5, 2009, we unloaded from the bus in the centre of Pripyat, we armed with maps, lists of addresses, we break into couples and we disperse on micro districts. To us with Sasha the southeast part of a city (the first micro district) has dropped out.

A Road Fairy Tale

We go out on Kurchatov Street and move towards MSCh-126 (it was possible to pass by courtyards, but we could not refuse to ourselves pleasure to walk on beautiful snow-covered streets). .  

Припять Припять Припять

Near MSCh-126, we turn to Druzhby Narodov (Friendship of the People) and we go to the street beginning. Our first address was house №5 (long five-storey building behind the department store). Excellent possibility to make photographs of the department store, hidden in the summer by dense natural growth.

Припять Припять Припять

A Musical-Household Fairy Tale

Through a hostel court yard we make the way on street of Enthusiasts and we come into a hostel №7 of the Managements of building of ChNPP. Especially I liked "a room for rest"..

Припять Припять Припять
Припять Припять Припять

A Mysterious-Militian Fairy Tale

We are turned off for a corner of the seventh hostel and we passed along one more hostel (because of absence of the tablet, its number and remained for us a secret). We pass in a courtyard "Spetsprachechnaya" (special Laundry). Working site, mysterious and enigmatic. With a regularity of times in a month, there are hearings about its definitive and irrevocable closing... However, judging by a smoke from a pipe, these hearings are obviously exaggerated. Attempts to find out for whom and what exactly indefatigably laundering the given object, lead up to a blind alley. The Zone administration nod on ChNPP, ChNPP in its turn, sends to Zone Administration..

I could not keep and had photographed the most proof the militiaman of Pripyat. In the summer his foot badly visible because of a high grass, and it appears, it has a magnificent dark blue trousers! And what the stripes on them! And these guys (the photo on the right) are absolutely not visible in a grass in the summer..

Припять Припять Припять

A Sad Fairy Tale

Opposite "Spetsprachechnaya" (special wash-house) - a hockey box. Sasha has pulled on children's memoirs: "How we were afraid to play here in the evening! Directly near a cemetery!" I am puzzled. A cemetery? Where? How many times I went here in the summer, I did not see any cemetery. "Yes here, directly behind a hockey box!" - Sasha, as a pointer, poke in a thicket with a camera tripod. An old cemetery of the village Semihody, has appeared almost in city centre.

Припять Припять Припять

Judging by dates on crosses, a cemetery has thrown in the sixties of the last century. Territory of a cemetery after failure did not deactivate so a gamma background in its territory, despite of 30 centimeters layer of snow, does not fall more low then 500 mcR/h. 


An Educational Fairy Tale

We come back to street of Enthusiasts. Two four-storied buildings. They are not similar to hostels. One of buildings - is certain something educational. On a floor of the second floor of a scattering of magazines about industrial building and non-granting certificates of successful end of courses of improvement of qualification, with assignment of the N-category to the welder, to the house painter- plasterer etc.

Припять Припять Припять

A Medical Fairy Tale

The following building, under the unchecked data, was stomatological polyclinic. And though the information on existence "somewhere in this area" stomatological polyclinic, has been received from rather authentic sources, to me somehow was not so trusted: how it can be? For small provincial town whole small-section polyclinic? Well pair of offices - still all right... But it!? "It" was really the four-storied stomatological polyclinic! On a building porch the huge hare has impressive settled down, but having understood that there is two of us, against him – just one alone, he has annoyed moved through road to wood. Seen off by a heavy look of the offended hare, we climb through the beaten out glass in the doorway in a building.

Припять Припять Припять

"Polyclinic registry". The Soviet person does not have necessity to explain severe value of this word-combination. For young and not Soviet it is that now name by an English word "Reception".

Припять Припять Припять

The second floor by the level of glamour quite approaches for TV series "House, M.D."... Unless - to clean it a little.

Припять Припять Припять

The third floor - an patrimony of dental mechanics.

Припять Припять Припять

The fourth floor - technical. The cellar than especially has not interested: a warehouse of old drills and inexhaustible stocks of cement - "on seals for the worker"

The following building on Enthusiasts – SES (Sanitary Epidemiological Station). A three-storied building, without a single window.

Припять Припять Припять

We pass through all building and through a rear entrance we get on other side. Through trees the five-floor building appears - our last address in the street Enthusiasts. The house №18. A hostel.

A Model Fairy Tale

Припять Припять Припять
Припять Припять Припять

A Dancing Fairy Tale

The place is very romantic and beautiful. Last time I was here.

Припять Припять Припять
Припять Припять Припять

That’s all. Winter Fairy Tales from me for you have ended for today.

Yevgen(KRANZ) Goncharenko
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