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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

Wanna some radioactive batteries?

Planned trip of Internet project PRIPYAT.com to the Zone on 23rd of December turned into not established research operation. As it turned out, the wave of marauding in Chernobyl Zone is blazing up again.The ‘ablution’ of Pripyat town is going by plan.

Our enterprising citizens, remembering their pioneer competition with scrap metal collection, think of this process without haste. The central heating battery were cut and placed orderly in yards beforehand. You can just imagine the PRIPYAT.com’s amazement when they while walking in 4th microdistrict and checking the houses’ numeration for address book, accidentally met a ‘team’ of people, who were removing those very radiators. To catch such people is almost impossible at least because Pripyat is very big and to meet such ‘hunters’ is a great success.

The town is really a living being - got together former citizens and ‘team’ of that people including a man of 90th (with short haircut, in sport trousers, with mobile phone and very ‘cool’ look) and five loaders. Confused by serious faces and resolute gait of our colleagues, ‘working class’ hid in the entrance. The boss, prudently hid his car number with the help of cardboard box, went to ‘solve’ the problem with disturbers. We should be proud of our guys. They not just only didn’t afraid because the amount of people in ‘team’ was bigger then our boys, and they had also axes, but also examined that people. After it ‘commander’ brokenly tried to press the phone’s buttons and asked somebody advice – what to do.

Unfortunately, people in police form at check-point ‘Pripyat’ had rather strange reaction for that news about marauder, to be more precisely – not at all. For some reason they lied to our people about phone call to Chernobyl and about that strategical group that went to Pripyat. As it was cleared up later, nobody told anything to regional police department. PRIPYAT.com decided to finish this business and went to police department themselves. While patrolling the town with police, they met another lorry, illegally penetrating in the territory of the Zone. The lorry was sent to penalty area, and drivers – arrested. Pity, but we couldn’t find another people we had seen in the morning. But it is not a question of a principle. The most important that now we have real proves of marauding in Pripyat. Nobody can hide it now.
In connection with this situation a lot of questions and offers arise. First of all, how widespread are such gerrymanders? If the lorries don’t go through check-point, but through the ‘holes’; so why then the workers of same check-point hide the activity of such ‘teams’? Moreover, to take into account the scale and preparation, it is evident that this all work was being done not in one day. So, we can make conclusion that not only one guard shift helps marauding in this town.

Who is also in? Secondly, what for is this cargo being removing? Illiquid stuff – for remelting, and whole radiators – for repainting and sale? And the wildest, but not senseless supposition - rumors about falling sarcophagus. Isn’t it a reason to frighten off tourists and other people, who prevent from the scrap metal removing?
My grandmother has wonderful cast-iron frying pan. Everything, that is cooked on it is very delicious and smells like childhood. This frying-pan has already become charred and black from long-term usage. Grandma wants to buy new one, not recognizing Teflon and other modern technologies. And something tells me that I should immediately dissuade her from this purchase. If she buys that same frying-pan with hot particles? Is this paranoia? Or not? Don’t you accidentally plan to change your radiators?

Darina Pustovaya

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