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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

Pripyat side yards

   They are attracted by its silence and frighten their deserts. They are both dark and aesthetic. It is here, as nowhere else, there is an extraordinary atmosphere of abandonment, which, instead of repelling visually attracts more attention, causing the already huge interest in this unique place. Forever left a man, lonely and deserted neighborhood in the city of Pripyat.


   Yard, being territorial space near the apartment house, like nothing else, characterizes the surrounding countryside and the life of the local inhabitants. Pripyat abandoned forever and its neighborhood are now forever empty... The pain of losing family home ("Lovely Pripyat, my young city...") is reflected in the inscription on the wall. No comment...

    The bench, which will never sit people.

   For some reason, whenever you come to Pripyat, the feeling is a must visit households. Desert homes and neighborhood felt most acutely here.

   And, of course , the same silence. Neither incomparable and striking silence thinned visual effect of the post-apocalyptic cityscapes.

   Pripyat cellar.

   Yard of a house on the Lesia Ukrainka str.

   The same street.

   First district.

   Lenin Avenue side yards.

   Child sled.

   Overgrown yard near the street Sportivnaya.

   It's two completely different perception of the abandoned city - from the main streets and side yards. Courtyards allow us to look inward, so to speak, behind the scenes of the dead city, allowing you to feel the whole atmosphere here is unique formed. For some time now, as far as possible, try to move it along the Pripyat yards.

Aleksander Postalovskiy

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