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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

Pripyat. Four Seasons

   Chernobyl Exclusion Zone visitors often discuss among themselves on the most optimal season to visit Pripyat. Some people like to come exclusively during "the golden autumn" to contemplate the stunning yellow leaf cover in the city. Some prefer to come in the summer and in the beginning of September because they need weather comfort. Many people visit Pripyat spring when the foliage has not yet started a merciless attack on the city. Everyone in this matter has its own preferences and tastes. Personally, I believe that Pripyat is beautiful in all seasons. There is absolutely dominant seasons, which will be clearly superior to all others. Each season has its own characteristics and uniqueness, which is not peculiar to any other seasonal time. Anyone interested in the city and in the whole Zone would have, in my opinion, to visit Pripyat in all seasons. It seems that you come to the same city, where there are so familiar buildings, but every time Pripyat with different... As if you come to the city for the first time! And still, despite repeated visits, keep discovering something new and unknown before. To understand the uniqueness of the landscape aesthetics of Pripyat, you must to see how the city looked like during the four seasons - winter, spring, summer and autumn.

   So, first things first...


   At first glance it may seem that it's time to winter in the city is the least attractive. Cold, frost, snow waist, blizzard... Indeed, a trip to Pripyat in the coldest period of the year like an extreme. However, this does not mean that winter itself is unfavorable period for visiting the city. Quite the contrary. It was at this time the city becomes absolutely not like itself . Familiar landscapes of the city streets and buildings dramatically change their appearance, causing a somewhat different perception of the visual effect of the seen than in other seasons. If spring and autumn are somewhat similar to each other the absence of foliage, and the gray box of houses do not change their appearance, even in summer, it is the winter all familiar architecture appears before us in a completely different form. Snow in winter a lot, clearing, as a rule, only the main streets of the city . In all other areas the depth of cover is in the best case for the belt man. And even more ... White snow creates a strong contrast with respect to the gray stone buildings. It turns out such things black on white , the dialectical unity and struggle of opposites . Quite unconsciously begin to open new horizons in the already familiar landscapes. The abundance of white makes more pay attention to the dark box houses and you can not help feeling that this is all you see for the first time. Yes, that's the first time. Indeed, in the same summer or autumn buildings are merge with trees, creating a common gray- green background. In winter there is all different. In addition, branches of trees as well as land, are at the mercy of snow. If summer foliage rather hinders visual perception, the winter snow branches form a variety of unique patterns that decorate the observed world picture than hinder our attention. It was at this point, and is, in my opinion , the uniqueness of visiting the city during the winter. Moreover, the mere fact that walking on the snowy expanses proud and extreme, which will undoubtedly affect the overall positive experience of the trip. Visiting Pripyat at this time is unusual and beautiful trip.

   Pripyat checkpoint.

   Famous grapple under snow.

   Snow-covered branches create amazing patterns, forms a pretty good picture. The famous "bridge" between the houses located at the Kurchatov 31 and 33 . Most interestingly, this one is not connecting these two houses. It is rather a supplement (additional roo with wide windows) to the apartment located on the first floor (the house right in the photo).

   Central square.

   Hotel " Polessye".

   Ferris wheel at an amusement park . In winter it just can not get on the bad photos . He expected me to just press the shutter button of the camera to make the frame . Snow-covered trees and tree adds a special touch Ferris wheel . It seemed that this bayanny object already trodden and nobody can surprise . But no, the winter tire is different than in other seasons.

   "Snowing me, snowing you..."

   Snow-covered trees and crowns of trees surround the radio plant "Jupiter".

   January in Pripyat. Perfectly visible to the very dark gray- white contrasts.

   Shop "Sports", Lesia Ukrainka str.



   "Spring" sounds great!.. We all love spring. Snowpack goes into oblivion , light days are becoming longer. And be sure the sun. Unique, warm spring sun. This period of the year in Pripyat city is both unique and in some cases even tragic. Open new landscapes, foliage has not yet started its offensive, urban neighborhoods quite well visible. However, the city comes pretty difficult period. Tons of melt water of melted snow that no one cleans the city, literally destroying the architectural design of houses, causing the building to the state of irreversible degradation. From the perspective of visiting the city, the best month is April. Snow cover is gone (or almost gone) , foliage and not yet been much warmer. City begins to fill with bright colors, preparing for the seasonal increase in visitors.

   "Tears of Pripyat" ... I do not know why, but it was such a phrase comes to mind when I look at this picture. Mighty houses on Heroes of Stalingrad str. are raw. With these streams flowing water, which symbolizes the tears of a young man abandoned city that has remained in isolation. I stood for a long while in the street of Promenade and looked just to the side of this angle . Watched in silence... A Pripyat is crying... Why ? Fear of the unknown. Meltwater adversely affect the safety of homes. Some buildings collapsed just this spring thanks to the countless streams of meltwater. But the city has not dealt...


   In the courtyard the month of April, but still a lot of snow for March in Ukraine was a real snow apocalypse.

   Shop "Voskhod" ("Sunrise"), Kurchatov str.

     Sportivnaya str. In summer it 's a jungle.

   Wallpapers retreated from the walls due to meltwater. Spring in homes is very damp. And heard everywhere monotonous sounds of falling water drops. Silence and drops sound... As if you hear and feel the heartbeat of the deserted city.

   Sunny April in action.

   Sgt. Lazarev str.

   Carousel in an amusement park.

   Ferris wheel.



   Argued that summer - not the most favorable time for visiting the city. The main argument proponents of this position leads a huge amount of foliage on the trees at this time of year, which hinder the visual perception of urban landscapes. Indeed, many foodies and interested in the Zone prefer to look at it free of leaves and vegetation city. In fact, during this period can be observed a unique phenomenon - a phenomenon unseen presence here confrontation between man and nature. Naked eye can see, as the once vast and spacious streets and avenues have become very real jungle. Nature is trying to recapture the once colonized by man territory. His Majesty Polessye not fail to take advantage of the lack of people here and every year manages to nature gradually return to her previously owned space. But the city still does not give up, delighting visitors with its albeit overgrown summer landscape. In addition, it is necessary to say about the phenomenon of so-called positive Pripyat, which is typical in the summer. If winter and especially in spring and you feel the tragedy inexorably approaching the degradation of the city, in the summer months, this feeling does not arise. Here the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the vegetation itself forms a kind of a unique garden. City garden! Where else can you meet such as not in Pripyat summer?

   Cafe "Pripyat."

   Ferris wheel. For the third time in this material we met this object. And every time he would surely be different. Think about it afterwards, accordion or not... In my opinion, this is another proof that Pripyat is beautiful in all seasons.

   "Fuji" building on the horizon. Morning in the town of Pripyat just woke up.

   Hotel "Polessye" dominated by foliage.

   Nature gradually winning its territory.

   In the school № 2.

   Tree "Friendship of Peoples", located on the same street. In this sculpture the coats of arms of all 15 republics of the USSR .



   I have not yet met a person who did not like was an autumn in Pripyat. If relatively summer and especially winter there are certain issues that fall in the city like to come absolutely everything. Here is your "golden autumn", and the lack of foliage and dark post-apocalyptic aesthetics. Daylight is shortened considerably, but there is the avenue of seeing a unique phenomenon in every sense - the same sunset over Pripyat. Foliage in almost no, it is possible to form accompanying the most unusual routes to visit the little-known places in Pripyat. This is a truly enchanting time for a meeting with the abandoned city.

   Bridge leading into the city.

   Sunset over Pripyat.

   Autumn. Lenin Avenue (local "Broadway") is completely freed from the foliage. And in the summer there is almost nothing to be seen.

   This house is famous because a Soviet "Saving bank" office is located here.

   Waterlogged jetty.

   So what does the seasonal time to go to Pripyat? This case is personal and it depends entirely on subjective preferences. One thing is clear - the city is irresistible and absolutely perfect in all seasons. Each time to vacation is not like another . And all of the above suggests a simple conclusion - must come to Pripyat as soon as possible, because with each new visit is not leaving you feeling that you still come here for the first time.

Aleksander Postalovskiy

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