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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

November. Pripyat sunset.

   November is the excellent time to visit Pripyat. At this time is not cold, the foliage finally left the trees, the snow and frost is still far. Desert Zone and the invisible breath of the abandoned territory of most acute just at this time. Post-apocalyptic aura and abandonment literally absorb a man in this place. It is my deep conviction that any person interested in the Zone, at least once in their life should go to Pripyat in early November. It was at this time, offering great views of the city abandoned, which can not always be seen in a different time of year.

   I am very lucky like other participants of our trip. We were lucky enough to see one of the most extravaganza phenomena that can only happen in the city. It's the approach of night in Pripyat. The sunset, twilight, quiet, dark night ... Man left the city goes to sleep and the process I managed to capture. I just stood in the central square of the city outside of Kurchatov street and photographed the neighborhood, watching the approach of night in the city. Photos, shown below, virtually untreated. These pictures just do not want to process, so as not to distort the perception of the upcoming Pripyat night.

   "White House" (Lenin avenue, 32/13). While still light, the city is immersed in a reddish color.

    And the clouds ... The very sunny Pripyat sunset.

   It is simply impossible to put look down from the sky.

   Hotel "Poles'e" in the twilight of night.

   Pripyat is preparing to sleep. Landscape of the stamp on the house of street Lazarev is gloomy, ominous.

   The city went to sleep...

Alexander Postalovskiy

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