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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

History does not know the words «too late»

President of Ukraine Decree № 1156/2008 «Про відзначення державними нагородами України з нагоди Дня вшанування учасників ліквідації наслідків аварії на Чорнобильській АЕС».

A number of workers of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant awarded the Order «For Courage» of third degree for their courage, dedication, professionalism demonstrated during the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, received a lethal radiation dose, performing work on localization of the accident in the early hours after its occurrence. Posthumously.
Akimov Alexander - Head of the shift of the unit.
Baranov Anatoly - a senior electrician on duty.
Bragnik Vyacheslav - steam turbine machinist of the turbine shop.
Vershinin Yuri - The machinist-inspector of the turbine equipment of the turbine shop.
Degtyarenko Viktor - operator on duty of the reactor shop.
Konoval Yuri - electrician on duty of the electric shop.
Kudryavtsev Alexander - Senior Engineer of the reactor shop.
Novikov Alexander - driver-walker turbine equipment of the turbine shop.
Perevozchenko Valery – Head of the shift of the reactor shop.
Perchuk Constantine - senior engineer of turbine equipment of the turbine shop.
Proskuryakov Viktor - Senior Engineer of the reactor shop.
Toptunov Leonid - Senior Engineer of the reactor shop.
Hodemchuk Valery - senior operator of the reactor shop.
Shapovalov Anatoly - a senior electrician on duty of the electric shop.

Those names – on the cold black granite slabs of Slavutych Chernobyl Heroes memorial, and in the Chernobyl NPP memorial alley, museum exhibitions, and memory books – and that is not the entire list. It seems, it is quite enough of honor. However, is it true?
Since the first days after the accident, when it comes to the heroism of liquidators of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, always remembered heroes, firefighters, who did not return the fire spread.
Not trying to diminish the feats of these people, we should mention, that the accident was stopped - not only to their credit. The night staff on their jobs, knowing that risked their lives, pursues their profession. No less enthusiastic words merit those who went to work in the following days. They already knew what had happened. Realizing the magnitude and consequences, realizing the gravity of what can happen to life and health; they stopped other units, prepared equipment for conservation - accomplished hundreds of necessary and urgent work, without which there would be no post accident-launch of units and kilowatts.
However, this has not been taken was to speak. Soviet government had either to recognize the serious shortcomings and failures of Soviet science in the field of atomic energy, either blame the operating staff in the accident. The Government chose the second option.

- We all felt like appointed guilty – once said a former chief of the electric shop, a member of liquidation, Andrew Bondar. – It was very difficult to live with this feeling.
For the first time, Ukrainian establishment relation to the Chernobyl issue has changed in 2006.Former deputy chief of the electric shop Alexander Lelechenko, likely averting an explosion of hydrogen and distribution of the accident to other units, was awarded the title Hero of Ukraine. Posthumously.
His daughter received the Star of Hero from the hands of Ukrainian President Yushchenko in the eyes of today's workers of the Chernobyl NPP. Today the award-winning state marked a further fourteen former employees of the Chernobyl NPP. of the accident to other units, was awarded the title Hero of Ukraine. Posthumously.
History does not know the words «too late». However, the historical framework and the scope of human life differ- so it is essential that the feat of the station staff in the days of liquidation acknowledged while this generation, which not only remember those events in detail, but also took part in it, is alive.
By the same presidential decree Alexander Plotnikov, head of the «UTEM-Engineering», that made a number of complex stabilization activities, and Victor Havrus, who led the project, were awarded with medal «For work and valor».Some other station specialists received diplomas from MES of Ukraine and Kiev regional state administration.
– It is crucial for us - especially due to the challenges we have to accomplish in 2009 - highlighted the general director of the Chernobyl NPP Igor Gramotkin. We need to create conditions for the complete liberation of unit 3 of spent nuclear fuel, which is a prerequisite for beginning work on the construction of the NSC and the beginning of final closure and preserving unit 3. We must complete construction and introduction into service of the infrastructure. Start construction of a new safe confinement. Among the major tasks - the end of the development project and obtain building permits RSNF-2(repository for spent nuclear fuel), as well as implementing measures to improve security RSNF-1. Development «Project phase of the final closing and conservation of blocks ChNPP» and strategy development site GSP ChNPP. In addition; we must continue the allocation of the GSP ChNPP units with non-functions and the establishment of their base self-sustaining businesses. I am sure that the team of ChNPP will cope with all that planned.


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