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About Us

This website is a NGO "Center "Pripyat.com" webpage.

The public project 'PRIPYAT.com' was established in 2004 as the unofficial website for the city of Pripyat. Originally this site was intended to be a monument to the lost city and act as a centre of communication for ex-Pripyat residents scattered throughout the world. However since those early days interest in the project has grown significantly and new initiatives added. Today, PRIPYAT.com is not only the unofficial website for Pripyat but also for the 30km zone of alienation (ZA). Within this web site, you can learn everything about the Chernobyl disaster, the work of the liquidators, the consequences to communities, residents and more. The Chernobyl area is not just a Nuclear disaster, it is so much more, an ancient and eternally beautiful Polissya land, a monument to a bygone Soviet era, a unique nature reserve and a place where endangered species of flora and fauna can flourish.

Visitors to this web site continue to grow. Today over 5000 people visit each day. To meet this increase in interest, work continues on developing our English and German content. Our photographic library is continually being updated as is our published materials library. One of our initiatives is to try and get Pripyat recognised as a 'museum' city and afforded protection. Currently Pripyat is defenceless against looters, vandals and lovers of extreme tourism. PRIPYAT.com is a resource for everyone who loves this city. Whether you’re interest is pre or post accident, current isolation or uncertain future you’ll find the information here. As long as this web site exists, so does the city of Pripyat.

The public project PRIPYAT.com was originally an idea of Ivan Davidchuk, Vladislav Vitvitskiy and Andrew Slyuta.

Worklog of NGO "Center PRIPYAT.com":


September 2017 - present:
The initiative and work on preservation of the monument of two World wars and one of the strongest visual images associated with the Chernobyl disaster — the Crossed Tree, which is now in the open air in the outskirts of Novoshepelychi village.

June 2017 - present:
Development and testing of a drone with a gamma radiation measurement system and automatic visualization of data on a map.

May 2017 - present:
An own monitoring program was initiated on the detection and localization of forest fires around the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone and adjacent areas using aerial photography, which detected and localized a fire in the village of Dityatky in July 2017.

December 2016 - present:
Participation in the program of assistance to the schools of Ivankiv and Polissya regions together with the Polish project "FARM 51"

August 2016 - present:
The creation of the Information Center "Chornobyl. The Territory of Change” at the checkpoint of Chernobyl Zone as a mechanism for introducing  a system of knowledge about environmental safety and sustainable development of the Polissya region into the life of local communities. The initiative was supported by the UNDP / GEF Small Grants Program, the State administration of the Exclusion Zone, the Public Network of the GEF SGP, as well as the district and rural authorities of local government and the local community.


March - April 2019:
Organization works of International Action - flashmob "Chernobyl.33" for the anniversary of the Chernobyl accident.

August 2018:
Support for the festival "Chernobyl Renaissance. Apple Spas". We organized and conducted cinema shows, provided equipment, photo and video content from our own archive.

July 2018:
First time in the history of the Zone: we made in the town of Chernobyl a public show of a movie that has been shot on its territory — "Brama". It was attended by employees of the Chernobyl zone, the creators and actors, as well as the chairman of the State Committee of Cinematography of Ukraine and representatives of the media.

June 2018:
Information support and organization of the visit to the Chornobyl zone for the international group of scientists (cultural scientists, musicologists, philosophers of ecology, sociologists, media researchers) as a part of the project "Expedition in the Exclusion Zone", which aims to familiarize with the history of the Exclusion Zone and its current state for the preparation of the symposium about Anthropocene in November 2018 in Vancouver.

June 2016 - June 2018:
Work of the NGO's representativewithin the Public Council under the State Agency for Management of the Exclusion Zone.

March - June 2018:
Organizational and informational support for the mini-series "Chernobyl" by HBO, USA

April 2018:
Participation in the work on the promotional film "Chornobyl. The Territory of Change", which was created with the support of DAC, UNDP / GEF, EBRD, SSE "Chornobyl NPP". The video was presented by the President of Ukraine on April 26, 2018 on the President's official website and on the Facebook page.

March - April 2018:
Organization works of International Action - flashmob "Chernobyl.32" for the anniversary of the Chernobyl accident.

March 2018:
The photos of the NGO members took part in the international visual art project "Ukraine: Overcoming".

November 2017 - January 2018:
Organizational and informational support for the cycle of shows about the Chernobyl zone of the TBS channel (Japan).

July 2017 - December 2017:
We organized exploration visits for the winners of the "Erudit" contest from State Agency of Exclusion Zone Management. 

March 2017 - September 2017:
Our members participated in the international exhibition "OCCIGARIANS FOR THE FUKUSHIMA: Solidarity from Ukraine”

January - July 2017:
Organizational and informational support for creation of documentary films (including organization of filming in the Chernobyl exclusion zone): Return to Chernobyl 360° (USA); "My Chernobyl" (directed by Adrian Pirvu, Romania); The Zone (directed by Raul Ortega Ayala, UK); 1986, (directed by Hayri Eren Esgul, Turkey); "PRIPYAT PIANOS" (directed by Vladimir Savin, Ukraine)

May 2017:
A test drive of the first electric car in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, in collaboration with Electrocars, Inc. and with the support of SAUEZM.

April - May 2017:
Organizational and informational support of the project "Ukraїner - Expeditions by Ukraine"

May 2015 - May 2017:
Information support for the feature film "Luxembourg" (directed by Myroslav Slaboshpitsky).

December 2016 - April 2017:
Organizational and informational support for the Chernobyl VR Project

March 2016 - April 2017:
Holding lectures on "Chernobyl after an accident" in the cities of Slovakia within the project "Ukraine in motion", founded by the University of Komenski (Bratislava).

December 2016:
We created various designs of the informational booklets of SAUEZM (State department of Ukraine of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Management)

March 2015 - November 2016:
Establishment and maintenance of the temporary shelter for Przhevalski horses in the village of Dityatki. These horses left the territory of the Chernobyl exclusion zone and were in danger. The project was successfully completed in November 2016.

September 2016:
Participation in the creation of a promotional video of the investment project "Chornobyl Solar”.

August - September 2016:
Implementation of the monitoring project for air photography of the Chornobyl NPP cooling water reservoir, based on which the bathymetry and simulation of the zoning of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the process of drainage are carried out. The project was implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute (UkrGMI), NGO  "CHERNOBYL INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT", SAUEZM and SSE "Chornobyl NPP".

February - March 2016:
Organizational and informational support of the preparations for the 30th anniversary of Chornobyl disaster: 

  • Japan: NHK TV Channel, Yomiuri Television Channel, Asahi TV Channel, news agency "Dzi-dzhi-Press", newspaper Nikkei (NIkkei); 
  • Germany: TV channel ZDF, Die Welt newspaper, ARD TV and radio company; 
  • USA: Voice of America TV channel, PBS NEWSHOUR news agency
  • Italy: Channel Canale 5
  • France: TV channel "TF-1", media company "GROUPE-MA",
  • South Korea: KOREA TIMES newspaper
  • Britain: Television Channel "Air Force", TV channel "Euronews"
  • China: Central Television of China (CCTV)
  • Belarus: Belteleradiocompany TV channel, portal "TUT.BY"
  • Finland: Suomen Newspaper.

January 2016:
Organizational and informational support of the photo project of the Japanese photographer Kazuma Obara "The Face of Chernobyl". The project in March 2016 received the award for the prestigious World Press Photo's contest in the People category.

December 2015:
Organization and conducting of the first film casting in the Chornobyl zone, together with the director Miroslav Slaboshpitsky.

October - December 2015:
Organizational and informational support for the documentary film "Azure Dust" (Ukraine)

September 2015:
Provision ofwebcam for broadcasting of the construction of ISF-2;
Information support for the documentary film "Chernobyl-360", Ukraine.

August 2015 - to date:
Photo exhibition of Alexander Syrota "Documentary Photographs of the Pripyat of the XXI Century" at the National Museum "Chornobyl".

June to July 2015:
Organizational and informational support for the documentary film "Roadside Radiation" (Germany).

April 2015:
Conducting a thematic press tour in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone "City of Childhood: Pripyat” dedicated to the 29th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster.

February - March 2015:
Development of the concept of software for electronic tickets for visitors to the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

January - February 2015:
Organizational and informational support for the documentary film "Chernobyl-30" (Great Britain).

January 2015:
Conducting a festive New Year's performance with gifts for 250 Chernobyl children in Kyiv.

On a regular basis:

  • www.pripyat.com - Managing the work of the largest ever internet website on Chernobyl subject;
  • international annual thematic photo exhibition "We Want To Remember";
  • assistance to self-settlers of the Chernobyl exclusion zone;
  • work on the virtual museum of the city of Pripyat (project "Pripyat 3D”) — pripyat3d.com
  • collection and systematization of unique thematic materials, providing them with wide access;
  • participation in thematic exhibitions, artistic events and events dedicated to the Chornobyl sublect;
  • conducting an international annual action for bloggers “Light up a candle";
  • support for social projects aimed at protecting and assisting victims of Chornobyl disaster;
  • conducting volunteers' annual cleaning of the city of Pripyat from modern rubbish;
  • "Photo of Your Home" project - free photography on request of former inhabitants of Prypyat who are not able to visit the city but want to see places related to their own past;
  • holding an annual public patrol in Pripyat during a simplified access to the Chernobyl zone for former residents (memorial days). Assistance to law enforcement agencies and city visitors.

In the the past years:

October 2012:
The first webcam at the Chernobyl NPP site has been installed. Funding has been made with crowdsourcing.

April 2012:
Organization of a memorial concert "Voice of Chornobyl" dedicated to the 26th anniversary of Chernobyl catastrophe, with the participation of Ukrainian rock groups "Taruta", "Sweetlo", "Haydamaky", Eduard Drach, Gennady Popenko, Tetyana Goncharova. The concert took place in the town of Chernobyl.

September 2011:
Participation and victory in the open competition of the State Committee of Ukraine of Cinematography for state financing for short movie. Since 2011, the NGO Center "Pripyat.com" has been added to State Register of Producers and Distributors.

April 2011:
With help of NGO, in Obninsk has been installed a memorial plaque to Leonid Toptunov, a former graduate of the MIFI Nuclear University and Chernobyl Unit IV operator.

April 2011:
Information partner and co-organizer of the All-Ukrainian Charity Marathon "MEMORY".

December 2010:
Published bilingual (Russian, English) poetic photo album "Angel of the Pripyat".

February 2010:
The digitization and restoration of the unique archive of the amateur movie studio "Pripyat-Film", which was previously considered to be lost.

January 2010:
Information support and participation in the international TV-bridge of RIA Novosti "Chornobyl: human factor in man-made disasters"

April 2009:
In the city of Pripyat the Orthodox cross is laid and consecrated. Organizers of the action:  Ilyinska church (Chernobyl), NGO “Center PRIPYAT.com ".
"The Pripyat Syndrome" book by Lyubov Syrota published, before the accident she was the head of a creative department of the Prometheus association at the Palace of Culture in Pripyat.

May 2008:
The project "Pripyat.com" became the laureate of the IX International Film Festival of TV and radio programs on the legal and law-enforcement subjects "Golden George".

September 2007:
The first training "Radiation Intelligence Route" was conducted in the Chernobyl Zone, designed for those who are concerned about radiation safety, pollution and fundung the safe ways to live in the modern environment.

April 2007:
The first international rally with the final route in Chornobyl took place. Participants of the run conducted cleaning of the city of Pripyat from modern rubbish.

January 2007:
Internet service "Address Book" launched - the virtual address book of the Chornobyl Zone and the city of Pripyat.

March 2006:
NGO "Center PRIPYAT.com" was created.

January 2004:
An unofficial website of the city of Pripyat has been created at www.pripyat.com

Copyright preservation

When placing materials, we are guided, above all, the desire to bring the online community all the information about the disaster at Chernobyl. All materials are used in non-profit research and educational purposes and hence will not be liable for the wrongful use of third parties. Nevertheless, we assume that some of the photos on this site and the materials may be somebody's exclusive property. If you find your stuff and wish to remove them from publication on this website (or want to specify the source) please let us know - we will immediately take appropriate action.