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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

About Us

Public project 'PRIPYAT.com' was established in 2004 as the unofficial website for the city of Pripyat. Originally this site was intended to be a monument to the lost city and act as a centre of communication for ex-Pripyat residents scattered throughout the world. However since those early days interest in the project has grown significantly and new initiatives added. Today, PRIPYAT.com is not only the unofficial website for Pripyat but also for the 30km zone of alienation (ZA). Within this web site, you can learn everything about the Chernobyl disaster, the work of the liquidators, the consequences to communities, residents and more. The Chernobyl area is not just a Nuclear disaster, it is so much more, an ancient and eternally beautiful Polissya land, a monument to a bygone Soviet era, a unique nature reserve and a place where endangered species of flora and fauna can flourish.

Visitors to this web site continue to grow. Today over 5000 people visit each day. To meet this increase in interest, work continues on developing our English and German content. Our photographic library is continually being updated as is our published materials library. One of our initiatives is to try and get Pripyat recognised as a 'museum' city and afforded protection. Currently Pripyat is defenceless against looters, vandals and lovers of extreme tourism. PRIPYAT.com is a resource for everyone who loves this city. Whether you’re interest is pre or post accident, current isolation or uncertain future you’ll find the information here. As long as this web site exists, so does the city of Pripyat.

The public project PRIPYAT.com was originally idea of Ivan Davidchuk, Vladislav Vitvitskiy and Andrew Slyuta.

Copyright preservation

When placing materials, we are guided, above all, the desire to bring the online community all the information about the disaster at Chernobyl. All materials are used in non-profit research and educational purposes and hence will not be liable for the wrongful use of third parties. Nevertheless, we assume that some of the photos on this site and the materials may be somebody's exclusive property. If you find your stuff and wish to remove them from publication on this website (or want to specify the source) please let us know - we will immediately take appropriate action.